I heart you Bain Marie!


This photo is of poor quality and does not really give justice to the divine melt-in-your-mouth taste of the leche flan ūüėČ my apologies for rushing into taking the photo ūüôā

Leche Flan (that’s how we call it here in the Philippines), also known as creme caramel or caramel custard, is one of my favorite desserts. ¬†Here in the Philippines, ¬†the method which is widely used by many is the steaming method where upon preparing all the ingredients and mixing them and putting them in the individual molds (we call them llanera, an oval-shaped aluminum container), you cover it tightly with a foil, although some llanera come with their own lids. ¬†Some prefer the water bath or the bain marie method. ¬†I always fail using the former method.

Last weekend, I invited over my sister and her family to sample the second batch of Gourmet Tuyo which I made and jarred and labeled and sealed! ¬†Husband and I plan to launch it as a home-based income generating project on the side ūüôā ¬†While contemplating on what other dishes to go with the Tuyo Pasta I have already set, ¬†I told myself, ¬†“why not make a leche flan using the bain marie?” ¬†So I made one.

So what really and how is a bain marie (ban mah-REE) method done? ¬†For a much detailed instruction, ¬†you may refer to this website, or simply put, ¬†it’s when you put the leche flan mold into another bigger pan which is filled with hot or boiling water enough¬†so that the water comes halfway up the sides of the leche flan mold. ¬†After which, ¬†you¬†bake it for about 30 –40 minutes(baking time varies depending on the size of the container and the temperature of the water) or just until the leche flan is set.


Here’s the recipe:

I am not fond of using only the egg yolks so I used whole eggs instead.
3/4 cup white sugar (for the caramel
1/4 cup water (for the caramel)
6 pcs. whole large eggs
1 cup condensed milk (i used full cream condensed milk as it is much creamier than just the sweetened)
1 1/2 cup fresh milk (you may also use evaporated milk)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp zest of lemon (optional)
Mold (i used an 8 x 8 square pan)

Caramelize the Sugar:

You may refer to this website on how to caramelize sugar.

Once the sugar has caramelized, pour into the mold where you intend to cook your leche flan. Set aside.  Prepare the leche flan mixture.

For the leche flan mixture:

In a bowl, carefully and gently mix all the other  ingredients.  We do not want to create any bubbles, thus, the gentle mixing.  It really takes a while and is quite tedious but once you get the hang of it and see the final results, the pain in your arm from mixing will all be worth it.

Once the mixture is smooth,  strain and pour it into the mold.

Using the bain marie method mentioned above,  place the mold into a larger pan filled with hot or boiling water enough to reach halfway up the sides of your leche flan mold.

Place inside a pre-heated oven (170 deg celsius) and bake for 30-45 minutes.

To check whether the leche flan is done, poke the center of the leche flan with a toothpick and once it comes out clean, then you’re good to go.

Take out of the oven, let cool, before putting into a serving plate ūüôā

Enjoy! Ciao!