because I miss Kikiam (Que-kiam) a lot….

A chinese dish made of ground pork, shrimps, and veggies wrapped in beancurd sheets (tawpe), steamed, then fried. Sounds easy, right???

I fell in love with Kikiam during my teaching stint in Binondo, Manila.  The only one that really  left a good taste on my palate was the one from Salazar bakery.  According to the staff, it’s the matriarch of the family that’s in charge in making their delish kikiam.

When hubby and I moved to Malaysia, they also have their own version of kikiam which they call Lobak  (five-spice meat roll), but my palate still longed for the one from Salazar.

Unfortunately, when we returned here in Manila, Salazar stopped selling their kikiam, and I was told that the matriarch had stopped making them 😦

I have tried other varieties of kikiam sold within Binondo and the one closest to the taste of Salazar’s was from Excelente in Quiapo.  But still, (I know, I have loyalty issues)… I would still long for that Salazar kikiam.

Until, just recently, I have decided, why not try to find a recipe online which might be closest to the taste of Salazar’s. Why not, eh???  So I searched and after comparing different websites sharing their versions of the kikiam,  I decided I would try the one of Market Manila’s.

I first had to find the tawpe (beancurd sheet) since it’s kind of hard to find in the nearby supermarkets, unless I would go directly to Binondo where the chances of me finding one would be high.

I was fortunate to find two packets of tawpe in Metro Supermarket the other day and boy was I happy.  Couldn’t find the water chestnuts though so I skipped using them (some recipes don’t use them).

So last night, I finally made my first attempt of a homemade kikiam.  The result?  It’s good, delicious, the 5-spice powder can be hinted but not overpowering and the minced veggies give the whole thing this lovely texture to the  palate.  I only have problems approximating kosher salt, so it turned out a bit bland compared to that from Salazar’s… well, there’s always the first time.

If you like to get the recipe, just head on to Market Manila’s website 🙂


I steamed them first, cooled, then kept in the fridge before frying the next morning


our breakfast for this morning.. the background photo is  a plate of fried tikoy wrapped in lumpia wrapper (delicious!!!)